Arise, day of the Black Sun

Arise, day of the Black Sun
A ring of fire and transformation that sets before the black tower,
Setting in the west in the day moving to night
The clarion call to transformation

Arise, Warriors,
You who stand with the black of the moon,
You who stand for the sword of justice,
You who stand in the smoke to sing the call for our rights

Arise, you sleepers
You who would stand by,
You who fear the change,
Will you stand, will you rise, will you add your voice to the deafening sound
Do you hear the call? We need your voices too,

You who stand with the waters of darkness,
Your grail the black cup that changes the world in a disc of black,
You who stand in the fire of the sunlight,
The spears of light the swords that herald the fires of transformation

Arise, Black Sun,
Your magic is the trumpet call in the sunset,
Your magic is the foot of the Tower,
Your magic is the ring of fire,
Your magic is the moment of darkness where all is revealed

Feel the rustle-shadow of wings passing over us
And see the call to transformation

Arise, rise, and join us

One thought on “Arise, day of the Black Sun

  1. Funny how this astrological change matches so very well personal events in some of our lives right now, especially with the ending of Venus in retrograde.

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