Activism: Standing Up

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Pagan Activist

349449_1167— By Shauna Aura Knight

When I first became aware of the word “activism” it was usually in context of people who would go and protest at things. In fact, I used to shy away from the word activist, because I felt that I wasn’t a “real” one. So what if I recycled, and talked about environmental sustainability. I wasn’t out there with my signboards shouting and chanting and blocking traffic and getting arrested.

However, years ago I was given a definition of the word “Power” as “The ability to take an action,” while I was in the leadership and ritual arts training program at Diana’s Grove. And the way I see activism, it’s not synonymous with protesting. Activism, much like power, is taking an action. It’s standing up, speaking up.

And that sounds so simple, and it’s not.

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