Being the Hero: How do we Move Forward?

Reblogging this off of Pagan Activist…Perhaps a better title for this one is, We need a new American Dream.

Pagan Activist

271483_xl–Shauna Aura Knight

I think that I coped with my terror at the idea of Mitt Romney winning by thinking about what I’d write here…some kind of fire and thunder and call to action.

And yet, in the wake of the election, I realize that that is still what we may might need. For many progressive folks, you may be excited that “your guy” won, and content to sit back for a bit. My guilty admission is that I voted out of a mixture of fear and hope. I knew a 3rd party candidate couldn’t win and feared that Romney would. I voted for President Obama because he was at least for some of the things I’m for. However–call me a blind optimist, but I believe in what the President said in his victory speech. Or more importantly, I believe that he believes…and that he wants to build a healthier…

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