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Pagan Activist

5169118_xxl–By Shauna Aura Knight

I often feel I’m a lightweight as an activist. I attended my first protest in May in Chicago. I saw that protest get very heated and violent at the very end. Joining protests is not my own personal first line of activism–but then, nor am I just an armchair activist posting pithy things on my Facebook.

I try to raise awareness of issues, and live my values in my every day life. For me, this has meant years of environmental work to live more ecologically sustainably.

All the time, I am working to reduce my environmental impact. And while there are a lot of issues out there, a lot of things to stand up and be an activist for or against, for me, environmental sustainability sits at the crux of many of these. If we destroy our environment, we are harming ourselves, our children, those who come…

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