A Message from the Beloved


A letter I wrote from my own divine beloved to me, years ago. While it was focused on my own work, my own fears, I think that it may speak to the desires and fears of many of us.


You know. You know you are gorgeous and sensual, and full of water and fire. You know that the challenge is your anvil, that the chalice is your anvil, the challenge that fills you and motivates you. Without challenge and great work, you cease to be dynamic and engaged.

So be dynamic and engaged. Seek out that which challenges you, that which you find meaningful. Challenge, not irritate. Challenge is your bliss. What do you love? You know what lights you up. Seek it. Your will is indomitable. Once you decide to do a thing, you make it happen.

You shift all the worlds to bring it into being.


Do you want to travel the country, finish your degree, move to a new city? Find a way to do it.

Do you want to be healthy, muscly, and svelte? Do you want increased focus? Get healthy, change what you eat.

Do you want a passionate, sensual, loving romantic relationship with a life partner? Get out there and seek it. Meet people. Find places to meet people where you might connect.

Want to publish? Finish the book. Get the artwork out there.

Want to build the water temple? Keep doing what you are doing. You’re on the right path, and you’ll make it happen.

You have wings. You hear the music. You are beautiful and sensual, you are charismatic, you are luscious and desirable. You are intelligent, you are full of grace. You are sunshine and you are moonlight. You can manifest anything you choose.

And you have shadows.

You have shadows like any other person. You fear being fat, disgusting, depressed, apathetic. You fear loneliness, being unloved. You’d rather be hated than not be loved.

And, you get tired. You get tired and depressed, you distance yourself from consequence and fail to meet deadlines. You can be a harsh leader, making some of the controlling mistakes of your mentors.

You are more than all of that.


Seek challenge, seek desire, seek mystery, seek me.

Be beloved. Seek beloved. You have so much potential pouring out of your chalice, so much light dancing off your sword, how could I not reach for you? How could I not desire you and beckon you to bring what you bring into the world?

You hold the vision, the will, the drive, the passion. Your heart is filled with creativity, intuition, the divine source. You reach for the challenge, inspired by meaning, story, music.

Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.

You are made for this work. You are a sword and a well, an overflowing cup. You have the power others do not, to make things happen. Use your brilliance. Change the world. Change yourself and change the world. Seek up the things that fill you. Dare to be gorgeous. Refocus. Make it happen. Fall in love.

Be luscious, gorgeous, desirable. You chose a hard road, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You didn’t want my arms to hold you, you wanted my wings to inspire you. When you needed me as a lover, I made love to you. You wanted me to fill your cup, and then I wept for you, for how long your road was. Will you go where you must go?

Be, and bring your waters to the world.


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