Ritual Arts: Techniques for Aspecting

RQ102-cover-smallHey folks,

Reclaiming Quarterly has been releasing features of past issues. They’ve uploaded a feature on Aspecting. Below is the information to see it. If you’re interested in ritual techniques around Aspecting/Drawing Down, this is a pretty good introduction.

Aspecting Feature –

Theme section – RQ #86 – Spring 2002
From the RQ Archives – see link below

A PDF collection of articles on the magical practices of Aspecting
and Anchoring, from Reclaiming Quarterly Issue 86, Spring 2002.

Included are articles from a number of people who have helped
integrate this material into the dynamic mix of Reclaiming:
– Pomegranate Doyle
– Sage
– Robin La Sirena
– Laurel Kadish
– Inanna Hazel
– Ortha Splingaerd

This feature is part of the ongoing release of the Reclaiming
Quarterly Archives. Selected features online. Or get the complete
collection for just $25 per disk (each disk contains ten back issues
and dozens of bonus features – first disk available now!).

Visit our website for more info:

RQ Archives – http://www.reclaimingquarterly.org/archives/

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