Reblog: Why We Shouldn’t Have to Keep Pregnancy a Secret for the First Trimester

Reblog of an article. Some potent thoughts around the stigma, and challenges, of dealing with a miscarriage and why most women feel they have to keep it a secret. I know that even within the Pagan community, which works to be more accepting of women’s bodies and cycles, it’s only in the past years I’ve seen women coming out about going through a miscarriage.


“But as I stumbled my way through the online world of miscarriage and infertility and pregnancy and loss, I discovered a virtual sea of women who were reaching out to someone, something, so as not to drown in their own feelings of isolation and guilt.”

“The realities of making a baby are thus: 10 to 20 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.”

“I slowly began to leak the news to close friends and extended family. I braced myself for…I don’t know what….Women in my family, friends and acquaintances all came forward with stories of their own. They had gone through it, many of them very alone, and they had come out the other side, changed but not undone.”

2 thoughts on “Reblog: Why We Shouldn’t Have to Keep Pregnancy a Secret for the First Trimester

  1. Absolutely it’s the mother’s choice. What I mean more is, I don’t want a mother to have to make the choice to keep her pregnancy secret because of outside societal pressures, like worrying how others will react if she has a miscarriage. I’d like for a pregnant woman to be able to get support. The one time I was pregnant, I was so sick from it I couldn’t even stand up long enough to cook breakfast for myself, and there wasn’t much I could stomach eating. I lost 7 pounds in 4 days. If I’d been working at the time, I’d have had to face a difficult choice of telling coworkers I was 5 weeks pregnant and couldn’t do my work tasks, or, lying.

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