Art, Ritual, and Shamanism by Shauna Aura Knight

My article has been published on Pantheon: A Journal of Spiritual Art. Enjoy!

Pantheon: a journal of spiritual art

Knight_WaterBearer Water Bearer (c) Shauna Aura Knight

I often wonder if I’m painting or if I’m going on a shamanic journey. Am I facilitating a ritual or creating installation/performance art? Am I singing a song, or am I engaging people in a trance state to open to sacred work? Is it the creative fire in the head or mystic communion with the divine? Every time I mull on this question, I ultimately come to the same answer—to me, it doesn’t matter. What matters is transformation. What matters for me is that I am giving people a chance to experience the hero’s journey. This could be at an event, a ritual, a performance, an installation, a workshop, or this could simply be experiencing a song or a piece of two dimensional art.

For me, being an artist and being a shaman are both professions, and I see the job of the artist…

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