Warding and Safety in Ritual: Video

At Pantheacon, I was invited to be part of a panel on warding and ritual safety. I blogged about my thoughts on the topic, but here’s the video of the panel discussion at Pantheacon. It includes everything except the Q&A at the end. So…feel free to ask questions here if you like 🙂

6 thoughts on “Warding and Safety in Ritual: Video

  1. This is actually really amazing. I don’t find that Warding in ritual (or at all) is covered. What I’m a little disappointed in, though, is that it’s all in a 100% public ritual context. There is no discussion, also, on how that pertains to personal practice or personal ritual which is something I think would have given the discussion a much more well rounded nature.

  2. I can only really speak to my own approach, and I was specifically brought in because I have a different, more logistics-oriented approach than the other panelists. If you go back a few posts on my blog I did a two-parter on my approach to ritual safety. Warding isn’t really a term that I use, for reasons I described in the panel (at least, I think I did.) 🙂

  3. Your approach was actually very similar to mine- though mine more correctly looks like a blend of all the views expressed on the panel. I really enjoyed actually getting to see you talk for once!

  4. Thank you for sharing. With the safety aspects such as a first aid kit is good to have for outdoor rituals, especially to have at least some type of burn ointment, cold pack and/or sting ointment (insect sting, bee, wasp, etc).

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