Book Release: Path of a Seeker

CovePathofaSeeker_MediumI have had this book sitting there almost finished for about two years now, so it’s a huge relief to have it out the door and to the printers! Like some of my other works, this book is a collection of articles and essays that I’ve written, though in this case, the focus is on personal spiritual seeking and my own path of pilgrimage.

While there are still good tips in the book for leaders, and I think that the shadow work I’ve engaged in as a seeker and a leader might be of use to leaders, the intended audience isn’t just people leading  groups. It’s for anyone trying to find their way on what is often a confusing and daunting path.

Also,  this book focuses on my experiences as a modern Pagan; however, I believe that anyone that has explored holistic health and personal growth, has an interest in new age and metaphysical topics, or defines themselves as spiritual but not religious, will find a connection to these experiences.

Here’s a little more about the book, and some links to where you can get it. If you order books directly from me, I’ll be able to ship them in about two weeks.

Path of a Seeker: Pilgrimages, Passages, and Personal Transformations

The path of spiritual seeking is a spiral, a pulsation back and forth of challenges unique to each of us. Through our own experiences, we learn and find our way. The quest for inner growth means we must understand ourselves at a deeper level; we must change our old stories, release what does not serve us, and find our own deep inner wisdom to heal ourselves. What do you seek?

This book is a collection of articles and essays focusing on personal transformation in a way that is accessible and real, not perfectionist. You will find spiritual experiences that are shattering moments of bliss, dark nights of the soul, challenges with mental health, struggling with trauma and grief…and stories of love, of facing our shadows, of growing healthy boundaries and self-confidence, of reclaiming our power. The journey brings us from heartbreak into joy, love, and authenticity.

Why do you seek the inner mysteries?  What do you yearn for?

You can buy the book here:

Kindle Ebook on Amazon $9.99

Paperback (directly from the author) $20



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