About: Services and Ways to Support


While my Indiegogo fundraiser has closed, there are still ways you can contribute to help me keep teaching and writing about Pagan leadership and related topics.

I’m still working to offset some of the expenses I incur annually in order to teach leadership at various festivals and events. For the past years I’ve traveled the US and Canada teaching leadership, community building, public speaking, ritual facilitation, and personal growth work., but I need help to keep doing this work.

Below are some of the various levels of gifts and services that I’m offering in exchange for your contributions.

What You Get

I’m offering some cool things in return for your generosity–or if you want to contribute as a thank you for work I’ve done in the past like teaching or my blog posts and articles, that’s cool too.

Artwork: If you’re just interested in putting the money toward some of my artwork we can just do that too. That makes sense at about the $25-$35 level. You can view some of my artwork:

Mythic Mixed Media:

Graphic Design: I work for about $25 an hour, but if you message me about a particular project we can work out an estimate.

Skype calls: I help people work through dreams, or I can talk through leadership issues, teach chants, talk through a ritual plan, whatever you are interested in. Generally I offer these at Tarot reading rates ($1 a minute) but we can do $50 per an hour, and if you want to bring in a few other members of your group and split the cost that’s totally reasonable.

How to Contribute:
The best way to contribute is via Paypal at ShaunaAura@RingingAnvil.org. I believe you can pay via credit card on Paypal.If you want to arrange for a different payment option, contact me at ShaunaAura@gmail.com.



CoverRitualFacilitation$1 — MP3 of a chant

$5 — MP3 of a chant, and MP3 of a Trance Journey or

$5 — MP3 of a chant, and one of my downloadable digital collage images JPG  https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShaunaAuraKnight

$10 — My Leadership or Ritual eBook, plus an Mp3 of a chant and a Trance Journey. Either book will be available as a PDF, .ePub, or .mobi

$20 — Both eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and any 2 of my digital collage images.

 $25 — Both eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, 2 digital collage images, plus a 10 minute Skype or Google Hangout call with me. We can talk leadership, group dynamics, public speaking and ritual facilitation techniques, I can teach you a few chants, whatever floats your boat.

$35 — Print copy of either my Leadership or Ritual book, plus eBook copies of both books,  2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, 2 digital collage images, and one set of my Four Elements blank greeting cards. Includes shipping (US).

$50 — Print copy of both the Leadership and Ritual book and a 30 minute Skype or Google Hangout. Plus, both books as eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and 2 digital collage images. Includes shipping (US).

GrailLarge2$75 — You’ll get both eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and 2 digital collage images, plus $50 toward any of my artwork. that includes any existing painting, box, or custom work. Includes shipping (US).

$100-$400 — Any purchase of my artwork at this level will also include the 2 eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and digital collage images.

I’m also available for hire doing graphic design work at $25 an hour for book covers, flyers, brochures, and other projects.

$400-$1,000 — Hire me to travel to you. I can offer a weekend intensive, week-long intensive, paint a mural. The cost includes my gas money depends upon several factors–how far I’m traveling and the length of the project. You can see some ideas for workshop topics in the left-hand navigation of this site but include leadership, facilitation, chanting, personal spiritual growth, and more. If you’re interested in this, contact me at ShaunaAura@gmail.com and we can work out details.

Anything in this range would include 2 hardcopies of my books, the 2 eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and digital collage images.

BigChalice2$1250 — Four Elements Paintings (originals): You will get the originals of my Four Elements series of paintings. They are matted and mounted, and will be framed (except for glass, if I’m shipping them). This includes shipping in the US, and includes 2 hardcopies of my books, the 2 eBooks, 2 chants, 2 Trance Journeys, and digital collage images.


BigDagger of Fire150













There are rather a lot of projects I could do at this level. Art installations, outdoor shrines/temples, planning a Leadership conference or Masquerade ball, graphic design work…it really depends on what you want. Projects like this would include my travel within a certain distance of Chicago.

I can build you a life-size replica of Jabba the Hutt or some other sci-fi scenery for about $1,500, depending on the supply costs. I’ve decorated large hotel suites as themed environments, so that’s a possibility as well.

I can haul rocks and clear land and lay down mosaic and paint outdoor murals and build altars and do other work to create an outdoor shrine. Again, it depends largely upon how far I’m traveling, supply costs, and how long I need to work on-site.

If you’re interested in having me help you organize a larger event like a masquerade ball or something like a Pagan conference, let me know and we can talk about how much would be reasonable.

Any projects at these levels would include all the digital goodies, and probably a few hardcopies of the books.

Engaging me for traveling and teaching or artwork:
If you choose one of the contributions that involve my travel, we will arrange for a time that works best, this year or next year. For any of the perks where I’m traveling out of town, pricing reflects the assumption that I’ll be staying in a spare room locally. We’ll need to negotiate specifics–for instance, I need to stay in a smoke-free space. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you are thinking about selecting one of these. ShaunaAura@gmail.com.

You can also collaborate with other members of your local community to raise money toward the larger goals, such as bringing me in to teach leadership. I know of several communities that were planning to host a bake sale to help bring me to their area to teach leadership classes.


Projects on my Horizon:

I’m looking to put together some projects like training videos and webinars, recording podcasts, recording chants as a resource, and planning Pagan events in Chicagoland and beyond. One thing I’d really like to be able to devote some time to is organizing a Pagan Leadership Conference in the Midwest.


Thank you for your assistance in helping me build my dream of healthier and more effective communities. And good luck to you in the work that you are doing, whatever your community, whatever your calling.