A Winter Knight’s Vigil: Pagans, Leadership, and Romance

WinterKnightsVigilCoverI’m sure that many of you probably don’t read romance. However, for those that do–I have a novella that came out today, A Winter Knight’s Vigil. Unlike most romance novels, this one deals with Pagan characters–and, not witches cursed with ancient powers, or druids who happen to be werewolves. Actual, regular Pagans.

The characters in the story are all members of a coven. The twelve of them are on a Winter Solstice retreat weekend in a woodland cabin. During the weekend, the two main characters, Tristan and Amber, both go through the various rituals and work through their own personal shadows.

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Pagan Fiction


Over here on my Pagan/leadership/ritual blog, I thought I’d post my “Acknowledgments” from my book Werewolves in the Kitchen.

What does a smutty werewolf romance have to do with Pagan leadership and community?

There’s a few reasons. The first is that my story takes place at a Pagan retreat center, and the characters are all Pagan. While I don’t go in-depth into that in the book, I find myself fortunate to live in a time–and to be working with a Pagan-owned publisher–where my characters being Pagan doesn’t mean I can’t get published. Or for that matter, me being Pagan and out doesn’t mean I can’t get my fiction published.
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