Music, Magic, and Life on the Road

DSC03399My posts have been sporadic, and I apologize for that. As a writer, it’s really tough when I’m not able to do that writing thing. That being said, my past months have been chock full of new experiences that will give me writing fodder for months (and years) to come. I’ve been traveling and teaching at different festivals and events, and recently I’ve really been upping my game as a musician and connecting more with other Pagan musicians. Continue reading

Pagan Musicians and Concerts


I have a guilty admission to make. I’ve never really enjoyed concerts, and I’ve never been very interested in seeing Pagan musicians in concert.┬áSure, there’s a lot of Pagan musicians whose work I enjoy, but I’m not the kind of person who really goes to concerts. I typically listen to music alone in my own studio when I’m working on a project. I want the perfect sound, just the right song for my mood while I’m working. Music for me isn’t really a social thing.

So I found myself a bit surprised to absolutely enjoy the concert I recently hosted with my friend Amy for Pagan musicians SJ Tucker and Sharon Knight with her partner Winter.

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