Beltane and the Union of Opposites


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I’m joining the Tarot Blog Hop on the theme of the Beltane and the Union of Opposites.

More and more I have a challenge with opposites, or more specifically, binaries. Here’s what I mean. I think that they can be useful way to frame things, and in fact, I think people naturally think in binary terms. However, binary also creates black/white thinking. We humans get too used to the boxes, the pendulum swing…and we forget about the spectrum in the middle. This causes us no end of problems; typically when I write about that it’s in one of my leadership blog posts, but it finds its way into our magical and personal growth work as well.

On the other hand, there is some seriously powerful magic when we find that centerpoint, that balance of opposites.

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Running an Event

20705581I never can sleep the night before a big event.

I used to think that it was just because I’m a terrible procrastinator and had too much to get done before the event. But, having had experiences where everything was done and buttoned up, I still can’t sleep before an event. I lay there in bed with my leg jiggling, unable to drift off, wondering with 30 “Yes” RSVP’s and 40 “Maybe” RSVPs, how many people will show up, will we be able to pay for the space, the supplies.

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