Book Release: Pagan Leadership Anthology

PaganLeadershipAnthologyCover_finalI’m very excited to announce the release of the Pagan Leadership Anthology. Taylor Ellwood invited me to co-edit this anthology with him almost two years ago, and it has finally come to fruition! Helping grow more resources for Pagan leaders is a passion of mine, and this anthology is priceless for all the collected wisdom it offers from many different leaders, many different traditions, and many different perspectives. Continue reading

Thoughts on Sovereignty and Personal Responsibility

4340668_xlI’ve been working with the concept of sovereignty from the perspective of leadership work. One of my big dreams is to take some of the drama out of the Earth-centered community. My motto for this work has been, “Together we are stronger,” and I really believe it. I suppose I’ve been in enough groups as a participant, and as a leader, and I get so upset and disheartened when I see a group divide over drama issues, or even just from one person.

One of the reasons I’ve been working so hard to offer leadership program is that I believe that if each person steps into their own Sovereignty, 90% of the drama would vanish. When I’m standing in my Sovereignty–when I’m full of my own power as power-with, not power over, or power under….when I have a healthy permeable ego and good self esteem….when I’m filling my own emotional cup…then, as a strong and self-actualized person, I can interact in community as a whole person.

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Stand Up

EdwinHowlandBlashfield-TheAngelwithTheFlamingSword1893LargeIt simply boils down to this. Either you can let your civil rights be taken away inch by inch, or you can stand up. Standing up is hard. When an abuser “, grooms” us they take, inch by inch, our rights. We’d never put up with the end-game right off the bat. But trample a right here, bend a rule there, and eventually we’re living in George Orwell’s 1984.

It’s not to say that a lot of protestors and activists aren’t dumbasses. Some are, and if you’ve watched the streaming videos of the protests you’ve probably seen a few. Some have so much rage and anger and rebellion boiling up inside of them, they are so incensed at the encroachment on our rights, they get angry and they make stupid decisions. And it’s not to say that the protests are always well-organized. There’s not always an overarching strategy on what “winning” looks like, which can make it frustrating to engage. I have found myself frustrated with this.

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