Your Outcome Card: Tarot Blog Hop

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I’m taking a break from my ongoing series on Grassroots Leadership to join the Tarot Blog Hop. In most Tarot readings there’s some kind of future or “outcome” card. The reader might pull a 3-card spread, a Celtic Cross, or some other format. The outcome card is, what is the outcome of this. Essentially, it’s the card that determines your future. However, I don’t really do predictive readings. I tend to work with Tarot more from a perspective of personal growth work. What do I need to understand about this issue? What do I need to understand about myself?

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Prophetic Dreams and 9-11

PLANE WORLD TRADE TOWERPeople have been posting about 9-11 all day. Some really heroic over-the-top ‘Murica type stuff, and others some really snarky calls for people to STFU about 9-11 and terrorism and war. Even a few activism attempts at recognizing that other people have died on this day too, or that other disasters have had far more victims.

My relationship to the attacks over a decade ago is emotionally complicated. I didn’t know anyone personally who died, but it was terrifying dreams of skyscrapers falling down that drew me to writing down my dreams in the first place. The very first two or three dreams I ever wrote down back in 1991 were of skyscrapers falling.

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Coping with Anxiety



I had no idea how much anxiety I apparently regularly cope with. This post just blew my mind.

The first comment:

“- I had to contact a credit card where I had a lot of missed payments and schedule a payment plan. This paralyzed me with fear.
– I had to go to the library and explain that I had a squillion overdue books and that I wanted to pay my fines. This paralyzed me with fear.
– I had to talk to my workplace about changing my direct deposit from one bank to another. This paralyzed me with fear.
– I had to get a blouse dry cleaned to remove a spaghetti stain. This paralyzed me with fear.
– I had to go to the store and buy a quart of milk, some eggs, some ground beef, a loaf of bread, and some apples. This paralyzed me with fear.”

I haven’t read through all the comments yet–and there are a lot–but it’s making some things more clear to me. One is that some of my coping mechanisms are great and I’m better off than many folks are. I’m grateful for that. However, I read the list of things causing the paralyzing level of stress, and I realize how often that’s happened to me.

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