Creativity and Fairytales

IMG_0437On Monday I’ll be posting on Patheos about creativity and obsession, and specifically referencing an event I decorated with a fairytale theme. I thought I’d put up a few images from that event. I’d love to host a masquerade ball in the Chicagoland/Milwaukee area; I certainly have the decor for it!



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Artwork & Jewelry Sale

DSC02381Someone recently pointed out to me that I haven’t ever actually posted any of my artwork (or how you can buy it) on my blog. Whoops! That was silly of me.

Since my laptop is slowly dying after all the heavy work I’ve put it through the past 5 years with writing, publishing, graphic design, video editing, and sound recording, I thought this might be an excellent time for such a post…as well as a good time to offer a sale on my artwork and jewelry.

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