Full Moon Gratitude: February

15895254_10154889683535902_5352150398461547467_nI can’t believe Pantheacon’s in a week. So much to do! It’s full moon again, and I’m once again feeling a lot of gratitude, so I thought I’d post about that. Gods know we could all use a little hope in the world right now.

  • Today my hurdy gurdy will arrive. Yay!
  • In the past month I’ve managed to relist four of my fiction books (Werewolves in the Kitchen, Werewolves with Chocolate, The White Dress, the Autumn Leaves, and A Winter Knight’s Vigil). I had two publishers close their doors this past summer, so I had to publish them again on my own. (They’re all available as ebooks on Amazon, and will shortly be available in other formats. Message me if you need them in a format other than Kindle.)
  • This month I’ve also relisted my Dreamwork book, as well as produced a printed version of the book. (You can buy it directly from me for $10 + $3 in shipping and get a free gift of some postcards or greeting cards of my artwork.)
  • I’ve got most of the work done for two more books (the re-release of what was Spiritual Scents and is now Sacred Spark: Rituals Without Scent, Smoke, or Fire) and a new compilation of articles and essays, Path of a Seeker. Those will both be live within a few weeks.
  • I’ve been hauling ass on getting more paintings finished. (You can find my current inventory on my Storenvy site that I put up last month.) I’ll be caught up on my commissions within the next weeks, and I’ll also have made rather a lot of space in my room once the half-completed pieces get finished and moved into art storage or shipped out.
  • My Patreon’s going well. I’m slowly getting into the rhythm of populating it with content. I’m almost halfway to my first goal tier, which gets me closer to having more time to write
  • I wrote a few blog posts this month
  • I started creating black and white versions of my artwork. Still need to fine tune that, but it’s really coming along and I’ll soon have a lot more to share. Supporters of my Patreon will get access to the coloring book pages as printable downloads.
  • I have a therapist. We’ve only met twice, so she’s still getting to know me, but it’s good to have that in process.
  • My boyfriend and I are doing well, and are very much in love. We still have some issues to work through with our broader household, and I’m holding space for that.
  • Related to the household, I established some very firm boundaries to distance myself from the drama, and that’s taken me from having almost daily anxiety attacks to having had just a couple in the past month, and some of that was due to political stuff, not household matters.
  • There’s more but it’s a lot of fussy behind the scenes stuff.

Now let’s see how much I can get done in the last days before Pantheacon….I have ambitions.

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